Aug 24, 2011

Having a BLAST with MCT Stamps!!

Hey everyone!! I didn't know really how to name this post so I figured I would just go with my emotions hee hee!! I SERIOUSLY LOVE Emma's (aka My Creative Time) last release and have been making 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 cards like CRAZY!!  I know, I know where are they huh?? Well...I didn't say that all of them came out well enough to show you bahahahaha! I have some that I will be posting later and then theres THOSE (you know the ones that well it's worst then getting caught with your pants around your ankle type! Ok, maybe that's just a little TO EXTREME but you get the picture right lol!!) Anyhoo, lets move on now that I've embarrassed myself and I know some of you are probably blushing to!!

I won the Cricut Imagine, Mr. Frosty cartridge and received it last week and knew I wanted to test out some of the paper. I have so far (knock on wood) have had really great luck winning my Imagine cartridges at really great prices on Ebay!  Well, except the little screw up I made about a month ago. I was aiming to bid 22.59 and got in such a hurry (will never do that again!) and bid $2259.00!!! Wow, what a nightmare that was to get straightened out!! Which I didn't win for that amount I won for I think $60!! But still was only wanting it for $22.59 so it took FOREVER to get that straightened out!! Needless to say, I take my time when I bid now and I make SURE that little dot is in there before I hit bid hee hee!! Ok, sorry got sidetracked again lol! The papers are from the Mr. Frosty Imagine cartridge and the cute snowman is from Stretch Your Imagination. Isn't he cute!!! I just love him! I added some googly eyes and some stickles for his nose (my nose didn't cut out so well so tossed it!)

 I even added some paper to the inside!! I used the border stamp inside and used the sentiment Cheers. I just love making this size card!! It really helps use up scraps (and we all know my scrap problem hahaha) Yup, these are scraps to! Know what they are scraps from?? Well, you will get to find out tomorrow for My Creative Time's Design Team Day!! Thanks for looking and see ya tomorrow!! Hugs, Leanne

This is the set I used for this card!! Click here if you would like to purchase!!


Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth said...

OMGosh Leanne! That is soooooo something I would totally do!!!! LOL Thankfully, it has never happened. I am going to take my time from now on too. :)

Your card is darling! I am loving this set right now too!


papertrails leaver said...

well how cute is this? Love the snowman and it would be greatly welcomed in our area! :-) Amy

Glora said...

Okay, this card is ADORABLE!!!! But I have to tell you I'm dying over the $2259 instead of $22.59 thing!!! AAH! I'm so glad that you got it worked out, $60 to fix it is WAY better than $2259.!!! Awesome job on your card! Hugs- Glora

Judy said...

I love this card, I may have to get the cart and the stamps....Great job Leanne!

Cathy said...

What a super cute card!

My Creative Time said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! You are SOOO GOOD my friend! THANK YOU!
Big huge hugs, luv ya!

Nikki Foraker said...

OMG IT IS SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and don't act like you can't afford 2+ grand for a cartridge! HAHAHA

Kate said...

Awesome Card my Friend. Thanks for your little story. I am going to double check all my bids from now on. LOL! Glad it all worked out though.


Cheryl Johnson said...

This little Frosty is adorable. Love the card.

DebC said...

How cute! Dont u love using the pattern carts, remember that cache feature i plan to try it! Love how this turned out!

Norma said...

LOVE it!! Fabulous job!!! TFS

Cindy Lovell said... Kate said,i'll better make sure in the future to double check mine as well!! haha
Your card is too cute...esp the cute snowman!!!

bonnie said...

Oh goodness that sounds like a nightmare!! Glad you got it sorted in the end at abit of a better price....I get alot of mine on ebay too! Love your sweet snowman card...super cute! ;) Hugs x


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