Jun 13, 2011

Inspirational Journal - Trying something new!

Hello! I am sooo sorry it seems like FOREVER since I've got to post anything! It's not that I haven't been crafting just the things I've been working on have taken me longer to complete lol! This week Helmar USA and Best Creation Inc. have teamed up and I have a mini album that I get to share with you this Friday using their paper line and Helmar glue! I can't wait to share it and hope you like it! Thursday is My Creative Time design team day and I have a card that I get to share with you then!

Today, I want to show you something new that I've started! I've been visiting (stalking lol) Tracy Weinzapfel, President of Helmar USA, Inc, blog and really loving her inspiration journal. She is totally amazing and I love everything she does! She has really inspired me into starting one of my own! The above picture is the cover for my journal. It is a 8 x 10 canvas that I purchased at Joann's. Now before I go into detail let me say a few things lol! This is all NEW to me! I was really scared at first (I know that sounds silly doesn't it) that I wouldn't be able to make mine as gorgeous as the one's I've been seeing all across the internet. I'm really bad about comparing myself to others and always feeling like my work never measures up to everyone elses. But I decided to put those doubts aside and just have FUN!! Not that I don't worry if your going to like it or not but sometimes I worry so much that I completely take away the fun!! So with this it's just me being me! Something that I can have and look at, that can inspire me when I'm feeling down or just to help me get over some fears that I struggle with. I feel like in ways it's a start to a new journey and I plan on making it a fun one! I also thought I would DRAG ya'll along with me and share with you as I go along!

Ok, now back to the cover! I've been buying up some acrylic paints the last few weeks and trying to build my little stash up since I didn't own any to start with. I've been buying one of the cheaper brands, Americana mostly. I have bought a few folk art, and another brand that I can't remember off the top of my head! If you see a color that you like and want to know the name of it just email me and I'll be more than glad to tell you the brand and name! When I sat down to do the cover I had no clue really what to do! So I just started painting! I also forgot to mention, I purchased some gesso (got mine at HL) and used it as my first layer.After that I just started seeing what would happen if I did this or what would happen if I did that! After I got the color I wanted I decided to do some sponging with different colors and that's how my cover came out!  I then used a template (since I can't draw worth a poot!) and painted the bird on the branch. I then used a black pen to outline it. I used my I-Rock and a crystal gem for the birds eye (you may have to click on the picture to see it and the bird better) The purple and pink flower are from a bundle of flowers that Joann's had damaged out 75% off because they were missing some leafs! The yellow flower is from a pack of Petaloo that I picked up from HL and totally love these flowers! They have glitter on them! The centers of the yellow and pink flower are by Prima. I used some dew drops from the Robin's Nest, I just love those things hee hee! The butterfly also came from Joann's and was marked 50% off! I have had two little books of vellum quotes in my stash for awhile so I finally broke those out and used one! I attached it to Spellbinders label #8. I got to use Helmar's V2 Vellum Adhesive and it worked great to adhere it to the label! I also failed to mention (sorry) I glued the flowers and centers with the 450 quick dry because I wanted to make sure that they were stuck and stuck GOOD lol! If you haven't tried the 450 quick dry you seriously need to get you a bottle, that stuff is amazing!  I also forgot to say, that I used the Cinch to punch the  holes for my binding! I have had this, seriously, since it came available to buy and just used it for the first time on this book cover and for the mini album I get to share with you later this week! I LOVE it!! It is wayyyy easier to use then the bind it all! I was scared to get rid of the bind it all till I made sure that I liked The Cinch but now I'm convinced I will probably never use it again lol! Ok, so that is all the details for the cover and whew, this is getting to be wayyy longer than I meant for it to be!! Are you still with me?!?! I hope I'm not boring the crap out of you but I do tend to get a little long winded sometimes!!

I've got two pages to share that I have completed to go in my journal. Here's the first one! I used watercolor paper for my pages. I found a whole new tablet at a yard sale for 50 cents and so glad now that I bought it!! For the base layer, I painted it with gesso. I then covered that with lavendar. I then applied some aqua blue at the top and sprayed it down with water to make it run. (I learned that from Tracy!) I patted it dry and added some purple glimmer mist but that's not showing up so good in the picture. (I used the glimmer mist on both pages) I used another stencil to do the flowers. I didn't do so well with the leaves as you can tell! I got way out of line but remember this is stress free so I didn't sweat it (well not to bad hee hee) I then used my prisma pencils to outline. I added buttons for the centers. I then took a quote from pinterest and printed it onto printer paper and used modge podge over it and the flowers. Helmar does make decoupage but sniff, sniff I didn't get any of that in my box (may have to beg for some hee hee). I love the way this page came out for some reason the buttons just make me smile (I know I'm goofy like that lol!!)

Here is another page (the back side of the first one) that I have completed. As far as the painting, I basically did the same thing I did to the other page to create this look. I used another template for the bird sitting on the branch. I used my prisma pencils to outline and then used some to shade the bird. The quote is another from Pinterest (love that place lol!). For the two flowers shaded in purple, I embossed using zing, white embossing power and then did some shading with my copics. Haven't decided I may go back and add buttons to the centers but haven't made my mind up just yet! The yellow flower is another flower by Petaloo. I added a lavendar gem for the center. I think this is my favorite out of the two that I have finished! I had such a fun time making this! It's (for me) sometimes easier to create something when you can just let yourself go and do whatever you want and not worry if it is right or wrong!!

Well, that's all for me tonight! I hope that you have enjoyed and maybe made you want to make one to! If you do decide to join in and make one for yourself please let me know because I would LOVE to see yours!! Have a great week ! Hugs, Leanne


Kate said...

Really Beautiful Leanne.

Erum Tasneem said...

oooh lovin the blooms!

DebC said...

I haven't been on in a long time and i see you have several new projects. They are all so beautiful. Love the album. You did a great job. I promise to come back and comment on all of them. Its 12:30 and I'm up crafting which is unusal (remember the spelling after a certain time because of something i take!) Love them so I will get off here before it gets too jumbled! :)

Glora said...

Talk about beautiful!!!! I love the dimension too! Amazing job! Hugs- Glora


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