May 31, 2011

Just My Type!

Good morning all! I'm so excited to get to share with you my very first Helmar project!! This week we have partnered up with Lawn Fawn for a fun filled week of great projects using Helmar and the oh soo, sooo cute Lawn Fawn stamps! I had the pleasure of getting to work with the Just My Type set and oh my, this set is ADORABLE!! I also got to use some great Helmar products! The picture below shows which Helmar products I used in making this card...

I have to admit I'm a first time user (ok, I'm talking GLUE people bahahaha) and I can tell you I have found a new love (shhhh don't tell the hubby) and it's Helmar adhesive's!! I love the 450 Quick Dry and used that to glue my flower and button. I love the fact that it dries clear and dries quick! To attach all my layers to the card, I used the double sided adhesive runner. I know now the layers are not going anywhere and gives me a piece of mind that when this card reaches it's destination it looks just like it did when it left here! The last of the three products I used was the Liquid Scrap Dots and I was just simply amazed at this product!! Even before I made the Helmar design team, I had read many great reviews on this and now that I personally have gotten to use it...everything I read was ABSOLUTELY the truth! I used it on the push pin where the area was to small for a zap dot.
I heat embossed (using Zing embossing powder) the cute typewriter, sentiment and push pin onto black card stock. I added some crystal gems to the keys to bling them up a bit using the I-Rock tool. The ribbon, flower, and button are from my stash. The notebook paper is from my scrap stash and if I remember correctly came from Hobby Lobby. I added some faux stitching and that completes my card!

I want to say THANK YOU KELLY, owner of Lawn Fawn for giving me the privilege of playing with your stamps!! They were so fun to work with and can see me using them over and over!! Also, THANK YOU TRACY for this amazing opportunity to be part of this design team and to be able to use the best adhesive on the market!! I'm going to wrap this up by also saying that I hope I have inspired you
even if it's a little bit to make something creative today! Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!   Hugs, Leanne

Today is the last day to vote for the Craftiest Mom contest!! I really, really would appreciate it if you could go vote for me!!! Thank you!!!
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May 29, 2011

Helmar goodies!!

I'm sorry I've kept ya'll all waiting on what I received in my Helmar box!! I've been trying to take photos and to be honest they are just not coming out decent at all! I thought if you don't mind (I've got the ok from Carisa) I would post a link to her youtube video that she made when she received her box. I wished I had something to make videos with sniff, sniff and maybe one day in the future it's something I can check into but for right now this was the fastest way I could share with all of you what I got! We each received the same thing except I got different Lawn Fawn stamps and different templates to use. Other than that the boxes were the same! Just imagine me jumping up and down! (I was literally like a kid in a candy shop) Thanks Carisa for being so kind and letting me use this!! Hugs to you all! Leanne

Click here to watch the video!

Helmar USA & Lawn Fawn Week!!

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! I've been on the go non stop it seems since Friday! I apologize, I haven't gotten any pictures up of my Helmar goodies but I promise I'm working on it!! I just had to pop on and post about our exciting week coming up! Helmar and Lawn Fawn are partnering up this week to bring you a WHOLE week of fun, creativity, and projects! There will be prizes given away so this is a week you don't want to miss! The fun will be happening everyday on the Helmar Blog and Helmar facebook and also at Lawn Fawn's Blog and Lawn Fawn facebook! So get ready this is going to be a fun week that you don't need to miss!! Hugs, Leanne

May 27, 2011

OMG!!! My Helmar Box has arrived!!!

My sexy UPS guy holding my BIG box of Helmar goodies!!

I think I scared the poor guy to death (doesn't he just have that look like wth!!)

I did everything in my power not to run out to the truck hahaha!!

Wow!! I just had to share how excited I've been today waiting on my Helmar box of goodies to arrive!! I thought UPS would never arrive!! Bless this guys heart I know I had to have scared the life out of him! I came busting out the door with my camera and for a minute I think he thought I had a gun instead!! I was nice enough to ask him if he minded me taking his picture (but what he didn't know I was going to whether he liked it or not bahahaha) I explained it was for my blog (which I got that look like huh?) I shared the picture of him with the other girls on the team and we may just make him the Helmar Hottie!! Can't you just picture him with a tool belt around the waist but instead of tools loaded down with glue! I suggested the slogan of Wouldn't you like to stick to this!! I can't wait to share all the goodies that are in the box from Helmar and all the preferred vendors Helmar has paired up with!! I'm going to be posting some pictures just as soon as I can figure out a good way of photographing them! I'm so excited to be part of this team and look forward to getting to work with the preferred partners also! I hope all of you will enjoy what we have lined up for the next 6 months it's going to be sooooo fun!! I can see right now Helmar knows how to treat their team members and it's such a honor they chose me! Thank you Tracy and Helmar!!

Late, late night post!

Hmmm I've sit here and sit here trying to figure out a title for this post and I guess it should be brain fried because for the life of me I don't know what to put!! I really should be in bed and tomorrow I may read back over this and regret even trying to type a post up when it's this late! It's 2:40 AM <-----!!! I can't sleep!

Another reason I wanted to make a post was to let you all know I haven't forgotten about you, promise! I've not posted anything this week because I've been working on getting ahead on my design team challenges for the month of June! But just as soon as I get those done I'll be back to posting!

I'm also excited, my Helmar design team box is suppose to arrive today!! I can't wait to see all the goodies Tracy has sent! I know there is some Lawn Fawn stamps on their way because we are doing a blog hop next week!! Super excited about that and nervous all at the same time! This will be my first project for Helmar wish me luck hee hee!

Well, I guess I better get off I can feel my eyelids getting really heavy! That's a good sign that "maybe" I can fall asleep!! Everyone have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend! If you get a chance and want to I would really appreciate if you would vote for me on facebook!! The link is in the post down from this one!! Oh and one last thing blogger has not been playing nice! It won't let me leave comments or follow someone's blog right now arrr Sure hope that is fixed soon! Hugs, Leanne

May 23, 2011


Good morning everyone!! Well, the voting has begun for the Craftiest Mom contest!!! I'm sorry I'm wearing this favor out but please help me by voting for my picture frame!! You can vote once a day till the end of the contest!! Here is the link again! Here's a picture of my frame!

Thank you sooooo much!!
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SSCC Challenge - Anything Masculine!!

Hello peeps! It's my turn to get to choose the challenge over at SSCC!  I decided to make it a masculine challenge! (As I'm typing this, I can't get the theme from Two and A Half Men out of head bahahahaha) I know! I know!.... masculine cards are sometimes sooooo hard (or at least they are for me) But I've been dying to use my Wildlife cartridge so that's why I came up with it! Plus, Father's Day is coming up so I'm giving you a jump start! Anyway, on to my card!! I cut the silhouette of the deer three times. I glued two together and pop dotted one. The wheat is cut from the My World cartridge and I also used some pop dots on it to. I used my Grand Calibur and the Spellbinders label eight for the shape and added faux stitching around the edges. The sentiment is from Stamping Scrapping Matching Spellbinders stamp set, Celebrate. Go figures, I waited to last to stamp the sentiment and didn't come down far enough with it sniff, sniff. It's driving me crazy but I decided just to live with it! The paper is some that I've had in my stash and can't recall who it's by (sorry)! I still need to finish the inside but for now it will do lol. Now that I've showed you my card it's your turn to get busy and show me yours! Come play along! We would love to have you! Thanks for looking!

May 22, 2011

You Are My Hero-Military card

Howdy! I hope everyone has had a good weekend! I have and just wished it wasn't coming to a end! Yesterday, my husband and I got up early and hit a few yard sales (he say's he hates yard sales but I think he loves them as much as me but won't admit it!) We then took a little road trip down to Phil Campbell and Hackleburg (where it was hit hard by the tornado's) I've been seeing pictures and videos and knew it was really bad but nothing compares to actually seeing it with your own eyes. Phil Campbell had tons of damage, don't get me wrong, but Hackleburg was completely wiped out. The whole town GONE. So, so heartbreaking to see. One of the saddest things was how people had signs where their homes used to be saying please don't steal. Which unfortunately has been happening. How could you steal from these people knowing what they have went through or going through I will NEVER understand. After we got home yesterday afternoon we decided to go fishing (which I lovveeeee to fish lol) I caught one fish probably about the size of my hand and two sticks! My husband caught 7 fish and his leg! Good thing we don't do this for a living ha ha!

Today I had some time to get in my craft room and play while my husband was gone! For my card, I decided to play around with my Stand and Salute cricut cartridge and one of Emma's newest release Happy Homecoming. I used the camoflauge on the cartridge to make my background. The eagle was also cut from that cartridge. I then used Emma's stamps to stamp Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force onto a strip of cardstock and placed along the bottom. I used the super cool border stamp and the sentiment You are my Hero to it. I used some pop dots to raise the eagle up. Here is a picture from the side...

Just a reminder and a HUGE, HUGE, HUGEEEEEEE favor tomorrow the contest starts for the craftiest mom. I really, really, REALLY am begging for your votes! I'm not a begging person but for this I will gladly get down on my hands and knees for your vote!! It shouldn't take but just a second and that one second could change my life!!! (Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic but I'm desperate ha ha ha) Also, if you didn't see my post earlier I now, thanks to Miss Abby, have my own blog badge and would be tickled if you wanted to add it to your blog! Have a great rest of the evening and I hope you also have a wonderful week! I have a new card scheduled for the SSCC blog tomorrow if you get a chance come back and take a peek at it to! Thanks for looking! Big hugs, Leanne

Come LOOK!!!! I got something NEW!!!!

Happy Sunday! I'm just soooo excited!! I finally got something I've been wanting for awhile hee hee! I know lots of people have them and to be honest I've been pouting wanting one to!! I guess your all wondering what the heck I'm talking about! Well, if you will look to the right of here you will see my BRAND NEW SPANKIN BLOG BADGE :) :) :) :)  Isn't it PRETTY!!!!! I want to thank the person that made it for me but just waiting for a ok to do so!! She was such a sweetheart in making this for me and didn't even hesitate to help me out!! I think she did a AWESOME, AWESOME job!!  Thank you ________!!!! I would love for you to add me to your blog!! Ok, just had to share with you all because I was super, super excited!! Thanks for visiting me and following my blog YOUR what keeps this soooo much fun for me!  Love you bunches! Leanne

The awesome person that made my blog badge is.......drumroll......hip hip HOORAY!.....the very, very talented....super sweet....awesome, awesome ABBY!!!!! If you would like for her to make one for you for a small fee please visit her blog (which is awesome by the way hee hee) Scrapbookaholic By Abby! Thanks again Abby! I love it!!

Scrappy Frogs Birthday Challenge!

Hello mate hee hee! I'd like to share with you a quick card (well, should have been quick lol) I've made for the new challenge at Scrappy Frogs! The challenge is to create anything with a birthday theme. As simple as this card's been a nightmare ha ha ha! I guess I was in such a hurry (didn't have alot of play time) that everything that could go wrong WENT WRONG ha ha ha! First of all, I lost her legs!! Yup, sure did! I know my hubby got a good kick out of it (I had him looking for them to lol) I could have cut some more but the stubborness in me was determined to find them! So, "I" finally found the legs (he thought I was insane and gave up) and all was well till I came to the sentiment! See that nice big, organge flower? Welllll it wasn't what I had planned either ha ha ha! I stamped my sentiment and somehow got ink on the side of my hand and you guessed it, got a huge black ink spot arrrrrr!! So that's where the flower came in!! But thank goodness most of time you can "hide" mistakes!! I used Emma's (My Creative Time) stamp set, Wow, So Many Candles for the sentiment and the second time got it right! One little last confession to make and you probably can't see this one (it's tiny but I know it's there lol) I ate some Cheeto's (worked up a big appetite, had to have something bahahaha) and now she is sporty a small cheeto stain on the right side of her face near the bottom!  (I guess she likes Cheeto's to hee hee!) I know...I probably could have gotten away with all my mistakes but just thought I'd see if I could get a smile out of you and hope you see all the humor in this!  Have a wonderful day and as always thanks for looking! 

May 20, 2011

My Creative Time's May's Stamp Release Blog Hop!

Yay!! It's Friday!! It's just not ANY Friday either! Today is the reveal of Emma's new stamp sets! You should be arriving here from the talented Miss Glora's blog! In case you have just stopped by for a visit and want to start at the beginning of the hop (which I highly recommend you do so, you DON'T want to miss this hop lol) head to Emma's blog. I've made three different projects using the stamp set Have Fun In the Sun. I love this set! It's a great set whether you scrapbook or just like to make cards! Here's what the set looks like!

See, didn't I tell you that you were going to love them ha ha!! I hope you like how I used them!
As soon as I seen the word Camping I got all excited!! We camped for years so I know this stamp will be used! I decided to pair it up with another one of the sentiments Have Fun at the lake. I love the cricut cartridge, Campin Critters and have been wanting to make this back pack since I got it! The back pack and all its layers was cut at 10 1/2. I kept with the same colors pretty much that the booklet had as a example since it was the first one I've made. For the circle tag, I used Christmas Cheer and tied it with some twine! I did add some brads to the side pocket and also some faux stitching.
It's hard to tell in this photo but I wanted to give you some kind of idea how big the inside of the back pack is. I've added a bar of soap and two sample packs of shampoo. I'm sure it would also hold "maybe" a small bottle of bug spray. Or it could be used to add travel size tooth paste and other smaller items. Wouldn't this be cute to make for a Cub Scout group! Ok, on to my next project!

For this card I used the sentiment, Relax in the sun, wear flip flops & HAVE FUN!  Isn't this a cute sentiment!! I used the cricut cartridge, Life is a Beach for the flip flops. The flowers are from my stash and I attached them with some gem brads. I also added some crystal gems to the strap. I pop dotted the heels of the flip flops to give them just a little bit of a heel. I also did some faux stitching. The twine is some that the sweet Miss Nikki sent me (Thank you Nikki!) I stamped the sentiment on a older cuttlebug postage die and added faux stitching to it and around the edge of the card. The paper is by Basic Grey.

Here is a picture of the inside. I apologize again for the photo! I can't take good pictures of the insides! I added some cardstock and used two more sentiments out of this set Summer and Vacation. I've got some friends heading to the beach, so for some reason I went ahead and signed this card without thinking! Here is a sideview of the card...

Now for my last project!

For this card, I actually used another one of Emma's new releases Happy Homecoming. It's that AWESOME border stamp (LOVE IT!) The you're invited is in with the Have Fun in the Sun stamp set. The cute pig is from the cricut lite cartridge, Block Party. I felt like he needed a little more to him so I added some faux stitching and tied a bow out of some twine (also from Nikki!) to his tail. I welded the base together in my Gyspy.

We have several BBQ's in the summer so I thought this would be a cute invitation to send! I went ahead and signed this one to (just wanted to see if my white jelly roll pen would show up good lol) I embossed the to a BBQ with white Zing embossing powder. I also added some more faux stitching with my jelly roll pen! Here is what it looks like from the side.

Well, that's all I have to show you today using Emma's newest stamps (well for today anyway hee hee) Be sure to leave a comment on ALL design team members blogs for a chance at the grand prize! Emma will choose FOUR winners and each winner will get to pick a stamp set of their choice! You have to Saturday night and Emma will be announcing the winner on her blog, Sunday!! Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!  Next up on the hop is Cathryn!

Katie ~
Glora ~
Leanne ~
Cathryn ~
Jen ~
Kate ~
Ruthie ~
Shar ~

***Just wanted to add a HUGE favor in!! I've entered the Provo Craftiest Mom Contest and voting starts THIS MONDAY!!! I've entered my picture frame using the Campin Critters Cartridge and really, really could use your vote PLEASSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!! It's all facebook votes and well where I do have some crafty friends on there ALOT of them are not hee hee! So, if you could help me out I would forever be indebted to you!!!!! I want the new E2 so baddddd!! Click here for my project! Here is a picture just in case you lose the link ha ha Thank you sooooooo much!!***  (I've also used Emma's stamps on it to!!)


May 19, 2011

My Creative Time Design Team Day!

*** Wow, do I feel like a BIG dummy!! For this challenge I was suppose to make a tag!! As you can see, I totally over looked one IMPORTANT detail lol!! The sad thing is I've had this post scheduled for over a week and was SO proud of myself thinking I was ahead instead of behind in my challenges!! So, I'm just updating this post to say I'm sorry Emma! I don't have time now to do a tag :(***

Wooo Hooo! It's that time again!! It's My Creative Time design team day for me!! Emma assigned me the stamp set Pain Pain Go Away to work with and this is what I came up with! While I was thumbing through my Kate's ABC cartridge, I came across these cute mushrooms and decided that's what I wanted to use! The grass is cut from a fiskars border punch. I inked everything with Tim Holtz ink. For the sentiment, I embossed using Zing embossing powder. Pretty simple and fast card but I still think it turned out cute hee hee I just love my cricut!! I don't know what I would do without it! Be sure to check out the other designers projects on Emma's blog I'm sure you are in for a treat!! Thanks for looking and as always have a wonderful day!! Here is a picture of Emma's stamp set I used....

Be sure to come back tomorrow! We are doing a blog hop showcasing Emma's new stamps!!
Hugs! Leanne

May 15, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Everyone having a good weekend? It rained off and on yesterday and it's turned cooler. Hard to believe that June is only two weeks away with this kind of weather! Today it hasn't rained but it's looked like it could at any minute! I had a really hard time getting a decent photo and still this is not the best :(

Last night when I went to bed and was laying there trying to fall asleep I envisioned this card. I was thinking back to when I was a little girl and daddy would take me and my older brother fishing. I don't know why those memories started flooding my mind but they did. That's also how this card started coming to my mind! (Strange huh? My mind is always thinking of what my next card might be lol) Anyway, I'm so thankful and blessed that I have so many good times to look back at now. My dad has alzheimers disease and I can honestly say this is the hardest thing to have to go through. I'm still thankful that he's here with us and right now he still knows who I am. But with each day that passes I can see a little of my daddy slipping away. I know when I hand him this card he's probably forgotten all the times we went fishing but I know I won't ever! I have the best daddy ever :)

I used A Child's Year for the silhoutte of the little boy fishing (don't they know little girls like to fish to or at least I do lol) The mountains were cut from the Paper Dolls for Everyday cartridge. The bank that he's fishing from I hand cut. I used my copic markers on the bank, mountains, and the water in hopes to give it a more realistic feel (don't know if I accomplished what I was aiming at, but it was the best I could do) I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo to well but I've sponged the sky with some ink. I didn't want it to be left white. I also didn't want it to stand out.  I just tryed to blend it as much as I could with the rest of the card if that makes sense. I used Emma's stamp set You're My Best Buddy for the sentiment. It's actually two stamps from this set the Happy Father's Day and the word Daddy. Now here is a picture of the inside of the card! I had a VERY hard time trying to figure out how to take a picture of this! I decided to hold it and snap the picture (sorry it's not the best at ALL hee hee)

Again, I need to figure out how to take pictures when I do the inside of cards. I tried laying it flat and it would be so dark you couldn't see it. I tried turning the card inside out (couldn't get it to stand up) So, I just held it with my hand. (thats where all the shadows are coming from)

I remember on one of our fishing trips, catching a tinie, tiny fish! I bet it was no longer than my hand at the time and honestly don't know how it even was able to get on the hook, it was just that small! Anyway, I had a fit not wanting to throw it back. My daddy put some of the river water in our bucket and put the fish in also. We took it home and put it in a aquarium that I had that was empty! I wished I could remember now how long it lived! So, for the inside of the card I knew I wanted to use the sentiment You are a keeper from Emma's stamp set, My Favorite Sayings! I made my own aquarium using George and Basic Shapes Cartridge. The fish is from Paper Dolls for Everyday.

I'm sorry this post has turned out so long and I probably did alot of rambling but just wanted to share the thinking in behind my card! Thanks for looking! Hugs, Leanne

May 13, 2011

Race For A Cure Blog Hop

Happy Friday everyone! Yay! Blogger has decided to work again!! Welcome to our special blog hop! You should be arriving here from Glora's blog. If your just now finding this hop and want to start at the beginning click here to go to Emma's blog. Today's hop is for a special cause! To help the fight against cancer. I hate the word's scary and it's one disease that has taken loved ones away from me and I'm sure to some of you also. Emma, has released a new set, Race for a cure and for every set sold, she will be donating $2 to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Let's make a difference and STAMP OUT cancer!! Here is the new set...

I just love the font that Emma used in this stamp set! I also think it's cool that you can stamp the words inside the ribbon! And how bout that polka dot ribbon?!?! It's the one I used up above on my car! Be sure to stop over at Moniques, at Monique Griffith Designs.  Emma is the guest designer today and has a project to share with you there also! Be sure to leave a comment on ALL design team members blogs (and at Moniques also) for a chance at the grand prize that Emma is giving away! 

 Now it's time to hop along to Cathryn's blog. Enjoy the rest of the hop!

Emma ~
Katie ~
Glora ~
Leanne ~ (me!)
Cathryn ~
Jen ~
Kate ~
Ruthie ~
Shar ~
Emma (guest designer) ~

Supplies used for my card:
Paper Doll Dress Up - card & night scene
My Community - for the road
My Creative Time stamps - Race for a Cure
Action wobble
Fiskars Stamp set - for the clouds
memento ink
embossing powder
copic marker - shadows in the clouds

May 10, 2011

Thank You Emma! Surprise Birthday Hop!!

Today we are celebrating a special day! It's Emma's birthday!! Happy Birthday Emma!! The design team and I also wanted to let Emma know how thankful we are to her for chosing us to be on her first design team! It's been such a pleasure getting to work with Emma and her awesome stamps! She truly is the BEST and it was a HONOR that she picked me and I'm sooo grateful that she decided to keep me on another round! Thank you again Emma and I hope you have the best birthday EVER!! Now on to my card! Meet little Miss Emma hee hee! Isn't she sweet! She's from the PlayTime Cartridge. I had this card all planned out in my head and then stumped into a problem of not having a table on any of my cartridges arrrr I'm sooo not good at designing anything with my Gyspy but decided to give it a try anyway! The first table I made, I went and showed my hubby and asked him what it looked like (just to see if he could tell what it was) and after he stared at it, looking all blank, I knew I was going to have to start all over hee hee So, this is what I came up with!! I embossed it with my cuttlebug and used some Tim Holtz distress ink. My cake is cut from the Celebrations cartridge (it's cream cheese icing and chocolate on the inside if anybody is wondering lol) I made the banner using the Country Life cartridge. I used some twine that Nikki sent me (thank you Nikki!) to glue the banners on and then tied little bows at the end. The chair is from My Community and it was also embossed using the cuttlebug. I used the Peachy Keen stamp set, Princess Face Assortment for her face and I've saved the best for last....I used Emma's, Wow So Many Candles for the sentiment Wish Big. 

 Well, that's all the details on my card!! Be sure to head over to Emma's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!! Now it's time for you to hop on over to Vicky's Blog!! Thanks for looking and here is a line up of the blog hop just in case you get lost along the way!!  


SSCC Birthday Challenge

Hello everyone! It's challenge time again over at SSCC!! This challenge is a birthday theme. I used a sentiment from JustRite's birthday card kit for the center of my flower. I made my flower using the Forever Young cartridge. I cut the flower at three different sizes and then I ran it thru the cuttlebug using the Floral Screen embossing folder. I then used Tim Holtz distress ink in dusty concord to ink the edges and over the raised part of the embossing. I used the cartridge Celebrate With Flourish for the leaves. I used memento ink in bamboo leaves to ink the edges and my copic marker to add little veins. I used a older fiskars punch for the scallop border. The paper is by Basic Grey Lauderdale collection. I also finished the inside of the card by adding a piece of white cardstock and a small scrap of this pattern paper that was punched with the same fiskars punch that I used on the front. Here is a side view, you can see a little of the inside...

Thanks for looking and for taking the time to stop by my blog! Have a wonderful day!

May 8, 2011

Product Showcase-JustRite Stampers Blog Hop

Welcome to the StampingScrapping Design Team blog hop featuring JustRite Stampers. Hop along with our talented team of designers to see what they have created using various JustRite products.We would like to    take this opportunity to thank JustRite for being one of our Creative Partners and for their generous donations to our team.We are very excited to work with JustRite and use their great products to design with!

Welcome to our JustRite blog hop!! If you came from Karen's blog then your on the right path! If you just happen to be passing by and want to start from the beginning of the hop please head over to Cindy's blog! We are so excited to get to share with you our projects featuring JustRite stamps! For my card I've used the Song in My Heart stamp set! I just love this set and have used it on several occassions here and here! I also used my Grand Calibur to cut the Spellbinders scallop oval and the Spellbinders classic oval. I used a Martha Stewart punch for the border. I used the cuttlebug and swiss dots folder for the embossing. I cut the leaves from the Wild Card cricut cartridge. The pattern paper is by Basic Grey. Here is a side view of my card....

Thanks so much for hopping along with us and THANK YOU JustRite for donating these wonderful stamps to us! Leave a comment using the Inlinkz button on each design team members blog for a chance to win this stamp set!

Now it's time to hop on over to the very talented Sheri and her amazing blog! Here is a list of the blog hop just in case you get lost! Happy hopping!
Cindy Echtinaw
Anary Baumgarth
Billie St. Clair
Cindy Close
Dawn Saenz de Viteri
Janine Blackwelder
Karen Stark
Leanne Garner <--------me
Sheri Willshire
Stephanie Hester
Wini Bell

May 6, 2011

Win A Free Blog Makeover!!

OMG! Green Jello with Carrots is giving away a free blog makeover by Leelou Blogs! Contest ends tonight so hurry over and sign up! I've been dying for a blog makeover and would pass out if I actually won hee hee!! She's got other great giveaways also so hurry over and sign up! Gotta run! I've still got to finish entering!!

May 5, 2011

My Creative Time's Design Team Day!

Hey ya'll!! Today is My Creative Time's Design team day so that means I get to share my card I made using Emma's awesome stamps! I was assigned her stamp set, My Little Firecracker.  We were also given a challenge to use the color red and to follow a sketch she provided.  Here is a look at the stamp set....

and here is a picture of the sketch

I used the cartridge A Child's Year (starting to become one of my favorite cartridges!!) for the boy riding the rocket. I also used the cartridge Calligraphy Collection for the shape (have no clue what to call it!) I hope I can explain this part right....with my Gyspy I welded these two shapes together so that just the image from A Child's Year would cut out of the center. Then I cut one more of the shape from the Calligraphy Collection for the background. I then added faux stitching around both. I embossed Emma's stamp's with Zing embossing powder. The ribbon is made from cardstock and I also added faux stitching to it. Thanks for looking and have a great day!

May 1, 2011

Still need HELP!!!

Good morning! Just wanted to jump on and make a quick post to let the ones that have helped me by "liking"Helmar USA facebook page know how much I really, really appreciate it!! You ROCK!!! I'm still behind :( so I could still use some more help! I REALLY want to be the one able to give the cool giveaway to one of my followers!! So, if you haven't went over to Helmar and liked them yet PLEASE do!!!! Click HERE for the link! Thanks again!


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