Apr 30, 2009

Love Layout

Yay!! I finally got something done! I've been in a slump for a few days and really didn't know how to work my way out of it! So, I made it my goal to take the whole day today just to play! No housework, no errands to run, no nothing just playing time! To bad it took me most of the morning to figure out what paper to use, what cut, etc. etc. ha ha. So a layout that really should have been done in a hour took me 3 1/2!! Oh well, at least I had fun and maybe after supper tonight I can get something else made! This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom. I think that's why I was so picky. I still don't think I accomplished what I wanted but I still am pleased with it. The reason I titled it Love is because of how much my mom loves Kyle and vice versa! He is the only grandchild so you can imagine how spoiled he is!! I used the potpourri basket cartridge and George for the heart. The bird is a Close to My Heart Stamp that I ordered from my buddy Cheryll and just have not had time to use it (ain't it cute??) I used a pearl for his eye so he looks a little funky! Oh, had to share this also...guess what I got???? PRISMA PENCILS!!!!! I have been wanting them FOREVER and finally my DH broke down and gave me the go ahead!! I've played around a little with them and definetly got to practice but Woo Hoo their mine!!! If I was to go to heaven tonight I've instructed my DH to make sure they are buried with me. It's taken me forever to get them and I'm not letting them out of my site!!!

Apr 26, 2009

Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog #3

Well the old saying is better late than never and boy was I late on this challenge! It was due yesterday and I really feel bad that I didn't meet my deadline. This week has definetly not been a good week! This challenge was about spring. We were to submit a card, layout, or any project using spring flowers. Now looking at this I may have not got that right either!! But I just love these colors and this paper!! This is a Lauren Meader Timeless template (click here) organizer. This is such a fun thing to make!! Be sure to check out the site for all of her great templates I'm sure I will be adding more to my want list after making this one! TFL!

Apr 22, 2009

Whimsical Scraps & Bugs Challenge 15

I wanted to go ahead and post this card now because things have really been crazy for me the last few days! My brother had a accident at work to his eye this week and I've been back and forth from the emergency room to the doctors office. Also, we have just gotten some really bad news about my father in law. He has cancer and we have really been upset over that. So, just in case I thought while I had the time I might should go ahead and get it on here! Our challenge was to use the sketch 81 from MoJo Monday. We could chose to either do a card or layout. The only other requirement (other than using your cricut) was to use your favorite scripture, verse or lyric. Wow, that was kinda hard chosing just ONE to use! But I went with The Lords Shepherd. It's just a peaceful verse! I used a stamp from Studio G "You Are Special" because I feel like we that are his children are so very special! The sheep are from PaperDoll and so is the little strip of grass. I made my own pattern paper and then I just chalked around with Stampin Up chalk. The sheep and sentiment have stickles but I don't think you can tell it that well in the picture. This is not exactly like the sketch but since I had done this sketch before I changed it up a little bit! I hope you like it! Thanks for looking!!

Apr 19, 2009

Wow!! I have been blessed with another blog award!!!! I would like to thank Sandy at
http://sandyfromukiah.blogspot.com/ for giving me this one. Sandy is one of the sweetest ladies that I have had the pleasure emailing back and forth over the last month or so. She always offers such encouraging words and really puts a smile all over my face! So thank you Sandy this is just another way of making my day!! Don't forget to visit her blog! So here are the rules :

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

So here are the seven things about me that you might find interesting!
1. I have chrons disease
2. I have been hooked on a Soap Opera since I was a teen - As The World Turns
3. I am a big movie lover! We rent tons of movies!!
4. One of my favorite resturants is Olive Garden (do notice I said one because I have several hee hee!! Just craving Olive Garden right now!)
5. I am treasurer over my husband and sons rc club.
6. I've never been to a Haunted House but yet I love scary movies!!
7. I am a Christian and I love God!

Now the seven nominees are
1 Cheryll 5 Froggy
2Enfy 6 Chrissy
3 Crystal 7. leaving this one open for everybody to enjoy!
4 Jason
Yipee! Yipee! I was so excited when I signed on and a fellow team mate left me the Lemonade Stand award!! Thank you Chrissy!! Here is a link to her blog so be sure to pay her a visit she does amazing work! She always leaves me the sweetest comments! Again thanks Chrissy you always brighten my day!!! This award is to go to a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude. So I would like to pass this award on to some of my blogging buddies!

Sandy at http://sandyfromukiah.blogspot.com/
Crystal at http://scrapcandydesigns.blogspot.com/

Be sure to also check these two ladies blogs out they also do amazing work! Again, I would like to say thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving me comments it means the world to me!

Apr 18, 2009

SSPT Challenge #2 Be Yourself!

Yay!! I finished my SSPT challenge today!! This challenge we were to do three things:

1)Create a project, any project, using a Neapolitan ice cream theme.2)Use all three colors; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.3)Use your favorite flavor as the dominant color in your project. My favorite flavor is chocolate and I decided to do a layout since I'm 15 years behind!! I used several cartridges for this challenge which were Storybook, Walk In My Garden, Graphically Speaking, and George. It was really hard adding the pink to the layout because I have a son but a little doesn't hurt lol. After taking the picture I noticed I forgot to do my doodling and will do that before I add it to my album. Thanks for looking!!

Many Thanks! Alcohol Inks...

I'm in my scrap room playing some today and decided to try a technique that I ran across. I only have 3 bottles of Airondack alcohol ink that my friend Tammy gave me (Thanks Tammy!!) but after playing with it I can defintely say it's on my wish list now!! Today is the first day I've got brave enough to play with it or know what to do with it! So here's the technique...take some baby wipes and fold them with the crease down onto a paper plate. I used cranberry and lettuce and dropped some drops randomly onto my baby wipes (close together). After that I just used a clear stamp and used it just like a ink pad. So simple!! I really didn't know what direction I was heading when I started this card just took my flower stamp and just kinda went with it! I stamped the background paper then I took some ink and inked the edge. I then decided to get my chalk and lightly go over the whole background. After that I took a sponge and lightly bounced around with some of the olive green ink that I inked the edges with. I then took my stamp and stamped three flowers onto some cardstock and used a q tip and ink to make some stems. I used skittles for the center of the flowers. I tied a bow using some ribbon from my stash. The sentiment is a studio G stamp. I thinked it turned out ok for the first try! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!! (forgot to add that on the background I used stickles for the centers of the flowers!!)

Apr 14, 2009

April Challenge Card for Cricut MB!

This month I'm on team 1 Just Buggin Away! The challenge was to use the card feature on any cartridge of your choice. I chose Stretch Your Imagination using the flourish card feature. The flowers & leaves are from Walk In My Garden and the button is just from my stash. The sentiment is a Studio G stamp and I used a cuttlebug die to cut the slider out. Didn't have any ribbon to match so I just cut a strip of paper and tried to make it look like ribbon hee hee. Thanks for looking!!

Apr 12, 2009

This weeks MoJo Monday Card!

It's really late right now as I'm posting this and really should be getting my beauty sleep BUT I was determined to finish the MoJo Monday card sketch!! Looking at the time now and looking at what time I need to get up in the morning is really making me wonder am I crazy?? Anyway, this is probably going to be a short post! The precious moment image I got free off a coloring website. I used my bic markers to color and used colorbox (I believe) ink to give it a antique look. The other image with the balloons is a stamp that I've had for a while can't remember who its by. The paper is My Minds Eye. I added three little skittles to the bottom right hand corner. The hardest part to this whole card was the bow! I spent what seemed like hours trying to achieve the perfect bow. Well, it's not happening tonight so finally just settled!! I will probably go back and redo but not messing with it anymore tonight!! Thanks for looking and I'm heading to bed! Nite, Nite!! Happy Easter everyone!!

Apr 11, 2009

Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog DT Card

Well I managed today to get my card done for Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog DT (whew, that's a mouthful!) My DH had me working in the yard and I kept making excuses to come in and work a little on it as the day went by! Much more fun to play in my scrap room then in the yard doing yard work!! Anyway, for this card I used the cartridge Storybook for all my cuts. I just love this cartridge!! Our challenge this time was to take the ad for the Slice and go from there! Well, this is my version or I guess what I envisioned! I also used studs for the eye and around the branches. Added a little bling above the sentiment and stickles. We have several kids graduating from church and some of our friends kids to. So I have several graduation cards I need to make and needed to get started making them. Hope you like and any comments would be appreciated!!
P.S. You can't tell from the picture to well but the color inside of the flower is one of the colors in the slice!!

Apr 10, 2009

Southern Girl Whimsical Scraps & Bugs DT Challenge

Can you believe I'm posting two things in ONE day!! Don't happen very often but I wanted to go ahead and get my layout up that I did for the Whimsical Scraps & Bugs challenge. When I first saw what the challenge was this time I thought to myself Oh No!! I hate pictures of myself and trust me when I say there is not many laying around. I'm the one that's behind the camera taking the pictures, never the one getting a picture taken of me. Which I know I need to get better so when the day comes that I'm no longer around Kyle will have something to remember me by. This picture I used in the layout is on one of our camping trips not the best but more recent! So started thnkin about who I am for the challenge and for the ones that have actually spoke to me over the phone and know me this title fits me well!! I'm just a plain old Southern Girl been brought up on Southern values. Nothing fancy about me (didn't say that I didn't like fancy things because I do!!) I love to fish probably more than any man I know. I like to camp (hate the bugs!!) I was brought up in a Christian home with parents that loved me dearly and spoiled me rotten! I live in Alabama what some call the Bible Belt. I go to a Baptist Church and try hard every day to live the way that is pleasing to God. I was taught strong family and moral values and trying to pass them on to my son. I could go on and on but in a nutshell I'm just a Southern Girl and proud to be from the South!! The only thing I'm really going to tell about on the layout is the pocket..I hand cut and sewed it!!! So proud of myself (not good with the sewing machine at all!!) Thanks to Crystal for giving us this challenge! For one that I believed I would not like it has turned out to be my favorite this far!! Thanks for looking and any comments would be appreciated!!

Ice Cream Cone Anyone??

I made this for a tag swap that I'm in over on the Cricut MB. I used the icecream cone off of Doodlecharms and the tag cut was from Storybook. I used my stampin up scallop punch and the sentiment is a stamp from studio g. I added a pink poka dot bow and some twine. I also doodled with my white jelly roll pen. The swap theme is summer. I had such a hard time at first coming up with ideas that I wasted lots of cardstock and pattern paper and was just about to give up when I remembered the ice cream cone off of DC!! I'm not sure what the other swappers will think but I'm pleased with it and glad this one is over hee hee!! This would have completed my swaps that I had signed up for but I received a email asking me to be in a ATC swap so here I go again!!! Oh well, they are fun even thou sometimes you think you've lost your mind for signing up!! Thanks for looking any feedback I would greatly appreciate!!

Apr 9, 2009

Woo Hoo!! New Design Team Member!!

Just had to share my exciting news! I've made the design team at Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog!!! They picked 10 members and I was one of the lucky 10!!! I am just so excited and honored!! We will be required to complete two projects a month using their challenges starting with the current one going now! I love to do challenges it gets me motivated and I actually get something done hee hee!! Be sure to check our their blog and play along too! Thanks for letting me share this exciting news!!

Apr 7, 2009

Another inchie!!

This is still for the same swap I'm in but we had to do two different sets of 30. I'm now thru with my inchie swap and wished I had more to make!! I've had a few comments on what to do with them and I'm stumped with that one to! I was going to ask around and see what other people are doing with theirs! I'm sure theres a purpose for them somewhere just don't know yet where that somewhere is!! I really appreciate all the sweet comments I've been receiving lately! You truly don't know how excited I get when I get new comments (just ask my DH he would tell you that I go nuts because I make him come look all the time lol) Again thank you and hope that you will continue to visit my blog! There's just no telling what may show up next!

Apr 6, 2009

Palm Tree Inchies!! Summer theme

Ok, now I know why everyone loves these little boogers! They are so easy and fun to make! It's a project that you really don't have to fry your brain coming up with something! Well, at least I didn't on mine hee hee. I joined a swap today on the cricut mb and started on them right away. I had purchased a inch punch over the weekend at Michaels so I was really excited to get started (you know you always have to find something to use your new toys on!) Anyway, I just thought since this is what I played around with today I would post here. I've also finished up my challenge layout for Whimsical Scraps and Bugs and really excited about getting that posted but I really need to wait a few more days (closer to the deadline). Hope everyone had a great Monday. Sorry the picture is a little fuzy I guess my camera didn't want to zoom in that close!! TFL!!

Apr 5, 2009

365 Cards Day 36 Challenge

Today is Super Sketchy Sunday over at 365 Cards. I always love their sketches! So...I had to give this one a try! I had sooo much fun making this card. The fish stamp set is by Autumn Leaves (I believe) I used my stampin up chalk and my bic markers to color. After I finished coloring I added glossy accents to make it look more real. I love how it turned out!! I'm not sure about who the paper is by. I got it at Tuesday Morning and I actually thought the pack had different patterns but come to find out it was all the same! So, I have tons of this paper and trying to find ways of using it!! I also stamped the sentiments. There I again, I can't tell you who the stamps are by (I'm so bad to throw the packaging away that I barely pay attention who makes them!) Anyhoo, hope you like my spin on it! Any comments would be appreciated!!!

Jennifer at Phoenix Crafts Blog Candy giveaway!!

Wow! Just check out all the blog candy that Jennifer is giving away!! Now I don't know about you but I would absolutely faint if I won this!!! Click here to check out her amazing blog!! One lucky person will be doing the happy dance for sure with all these goodies!!

Apr 4, 2009

Sugar Sweet Paper Treats Design Team Challenge!

I'm soooo excited! Cheryll decided to go ahead and start posting our designs on the Sugar Sweet Paper Treats Blog Our finished projects were not due till the 15th but we are all sooo excited to get started that we figured it didn't hurt to start giving people sneek peeks!!! Our 1st challenge was to create either a card, layout, or alter anything using the color pink. We also had to use the word sweet somewhere within the design. I was in HL last week and ran across some new paper from My Minds Eye. As soon as I saw it I knew this is what I wanted to use for the challenge! Since cupcakes are really in right now I decided to use this cute one that a special friend (you know who you are hee hee) gave me!! The sentiment is computer generated and says "Life is Just More Sweet with Cupcakes"! Jason being our only male designer was chosen to throw out the first challenge so I would like to thank him for making it such a "sweet" fun one to do!! Be sure to go check out the blog and see what the others have designed they are all so fabulous!!! Thanks for looking and hope to see you back soon!!
I have also submitted this for a challenge on http://www.scrappyfrogschallenge.blogspot.com/
They have started a new challenge blog and I'm super excited about this!! Be sure to head over and check them out!!! p.s. wish me luck hee hee!!!


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