Sep 10, 2012

My Giveaway Winners!!!

Good morning everyone!! We had so much FUN on our vacation in the Smokey Mtns!! There was soooo many fun things to do! We were up early each morning and in bed late every night so I'm completely drained! I also have been sick since we have gotten back ugh!! I took TONS of pictures and I need to get started on some layouts!  I hate getting my picture taken (see how goofy I look in pictures THAT'S WHY bahahaha) I could sit here and give you a gazillion reasons why but I thought I would just get over it and share this one hee hee! It's rare that my son wants his picture taken with me (or his picture taken at ALL) so I'm pretty proud of this one!! We are in front of the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge. This Museum took several hours to go through but it was so well worth it!!

I want to say THANK YOU so much for ALL the sweet comments you have left me on my giveaway post! OMG! You seriously made me feel soooo special and each one truly meant the world to me! I'm SO THANKFUL for each and every one of you!! I used to pick my two winners and finally learned how to do a screen shot!! CONGRATULATION LADIES!!! Please email me your information!!

My Creative Time Winner!

Crafty Moni said...
Congrats on 1000 followers thats so awesome! Totally will deserved:) I love your creations, and ideas. Thank you for all the inspiration and for the chance to win:)

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.

monita23 at ca dot rr dot com

Peachy Keen winner!
Kim H said...
Leanne ~ CONGRATS!!! How exciting! I TOTALLY related to your post! I was so excited when I reached 50! LOL! I am no where near you but amlike you ~ so GRATEFUL for my followers! You have such a creative, talented and amazing creations and vision! What a wonderful giveaway! CONGRATS sweet friend! You are to sweet!!!!

THANK YOU again for all the sweet comments and for sticking with me for so long!! YOUR THE BEST!!!! Hugs, Leanne


Glora said...

I'm glad you shared the picture. I think it is ADORABLE! And congratulations to your winners. They are going to have some HAPPY SHOPPING. Hugs- Glora

Got2BCrafting said...

I think your picture is so cute!! You look adorable! I know how you feel tho, I try to stay behind the camera as much as possible. :) I have, however, tried to get in a few pictures in the last couple of years, because I realized that when my kids grow up, they will probably wonder where the heck is mom??? LOL!

Congrats to the VERY lucky winners!

Crafty Moni said...

Im so glad you had lots of fun on your vacation:) Such a sweet picture, thank you for sharing it with us.

Yay, Im so excited I won! I love Emma's stamps I can't wait to go shopping:)lol. Thank you for such a great giveaway! I will be emailing you shortly.

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.

DebC said...

Congrats Kim H and Crafty MonI! Awesome prizes! And Miss Leanne you so dont look goofy you just as cute as your accent! We need to get together and of course both of us hate our pictures so we need one together! Hugs and hope you feel better soon!
Luv deb

Kim H said...

Leanne ~ OMG! Shut the front and back door! I am soooooo excited I won! YEAH!!!! You know how I ADORE you and your creations! Plus PKS is an AMAZING company with AMAZING products too! Well if this isn't the CUTEST and BEST picture of you and your son!!!! Oh Leanne ~ he is so handsome and my aren't you just the CUTEST thing EVER!!!! Were you on VACATION??? You know I am just kidding! I was so excited for you and your family to be able to get away and spend some time together!!!!! Can't wait to see you layouts! Oh by the way ~ your shirt and your son's is another FABULOUS color combination ~ just sayin!! I HOPE you feel better soon too! Poor thing ~ get some time awya and come home sick!!!! Thanks again and CONGRRATS to Monica too! Yeah Monica!!!! THANK YOU sooo much!!!

Naomi Edwards said...

Congrats Kim!!!!!!! and Congrats to you to Leanne, I hope your vacation was very enjoyable! Love the picture!

Brenda said...

Leanne you don't look goofy at all, you are so sweet looking! I love this pic of you and your son and I'm glad that you shared it. I know I don't always comment but I love everything you make. Glad that you enjoyed the smokey mountains, we went there too and I loved it, but of course I am a southern girl at heart! lol Glad that you are feeling better now!!!


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