May 15, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Everyone having a good weekend? It rained off and on yesterday and it's turned cooler. Hard to believe that June is only two weeks away with this kind of weather! Today it hasn't rained but it's looked like it could at any minute! I had a really hard time getting a decent photo and still this is not the best :(

Last night when I went to bed and was laying there trying to fall asleep I envisioned this card. I was thinking back to when I was a little girl and daddy would take me and my older brother fishing. I don't know why those memories started flooding my mind but they did. That's also how this card started coming to my mind! (Strange huh? My mind is always thinking of what my next card might be lol) Anyway, I'm so thankful and blessed that I have so many good times to look back at now. My dad has alzheimers disease and I can honestly say this is the hardest thing to have to go through. I'm still thankful that he's here with us and right now he still knows who I am. But with each day that passes I can see a little of my daddy slipping away. I know when I hand him this card he's probably forgotten all the times we went fishing but I know I won't ever! I have the best daddy ever :)

I used A Child's Year for the silhoutte of the little boy fishing (don't they know little girls like to fish to or at least I do lol) The mountains were cut from the Paper Dolls for Everyday cartridge. The bank that he's fishing from I hand cut. I used my copic markers on the bank, mountains, and the water in hopes to give it a more realistic feel (don't know if I accomplished what I was aiming at, but it was the best I could do) I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo to well but I've sponged the sky with some ink. I didn't want it to be left white. I also didn't want it to stand out.  I just tryed to blend it as much as I could with the rest of the card if that makes sense. I used Emma's stamp set You're My Best Buddy for the sentiment. It's actually two stamps from this set the Happy Father's Day and the word Daddy. Now here is a picture of the inside of the card! I had a VERY hard time trying to figure out how to take a picture of this! I decided to hold it and snap the picture (sorry it's not the best at ALL hee hee)

Again, I need to figure out how to take pictures when I do the inside of cards. I tried laying it flat and it would be so dark you couldn't see it. I tried turning the card inside out (couldn't get it to stand up) So, I just held it with my hand. (thats where all the shadows are coming from)

I remember on one of our fishing trips, catching a tinie, tiny fish! I bet it was no longer than my hand at the time and honestly don't know how it even was able to get on the hook, it was just that small! Anyway, I had a fit not wanting to throw it back. My daddy put some of the river water in our bucket and put the fish in also. We took it home and put it in a aquarium that I had that was empty! I wished I could remember now how long it lived! So, for the inside of the card I knew I wanted to use the sentiment You are a keeper from Emma's stamp set, My Favorite Sayings! I made my own aquarium using George and Basic Shapes Cartridge. The fish is from Paper Dolls for Everyday.

I'm sorry this post has turned out so long and I probably did alot of rambling but just wanted to share the thinking in behind my card! Thanks for looking! Hugs, Leanne


jen said...

Leanne your card is just wonderful!! Your Dad will love it! I did. :)
Great job... and thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

OMG Leanne this Card is absolutely gorgeous. You have to teach me how to color like that. The water looked so real. TFS


Bug Junkie said...

Love the realistic look of your card. The water and land are both Fabulous! My daughter loves to fish as much as my son and yes PC should know this, LOL! ;) Thanks for sharing your card and your story. Hugs!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What a beautiful memory Leanne, and a beautiful card.. I don't think you could have done it any better... definitely a "keeper"... hugs

Kristin said...

I love your card Leanne,what a great memory:)

Crafting Katie said...

Leanne, this is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous design!

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you Leanne,
Not only do I love your card but the sentiment behind it has just melted my heart.
What a sweet story for you to share with us. You and your Dad must have a very special bond.
Thank you for sharing your little story with us.

Scrapendipity said...

I love this! Great job Leanne!!!


Jodi said...

OMGoodness!!! This is just precious!!! TFS!

Glora said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! How flippin' GENIOUS is this card. That scene is perfect and then to have the fish on the inside is PERFECT! You amaze me my friend!!!! Hugs- Glora

Micia said...

oh Leanne this card is just Beautiful! I love the meaning behind it...that make this card much more special. It looks so realistic. you did an GREAT job :)


Gina (Happymom2010) said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with your Daddy. Your card is ADORABLE my crafty friend!!
If your Daddy does not remember by the time you give him this card tell him a little story about a girl, her bother and their Daddy taking them fishing. He may not remember, but you will do it for him.

Gina L.

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

awwww what a great card! Love the silhouette and the inside is ADORABLE! This is going to be SO cherished!!!

Sheri said... sweet thing! I am so overwhelmed ..just reading your sweet, sweet story.I just wish I could make it all better! (((HUGS)))

Carla said...

Wow that is a super Father's Day card..your dad will love it!


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