Jan 31, 2011

Blog Awards!

Wow! Thank you Cassie and Lynda for passing this blog award on to me!! I am truly honored and it was so sweet of you both to think enough of my blog to award me with this!! Here are the rules to this award:
Upon receiving this award I must thank the person who gave this to me and link it back to their blog and share 8 things about myself. Also, pass along the award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered and leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition.
Since I received it twice I know I should share 16 things about myself but I'm only going to share 8 (I still want you to like me when I'm done hahahaha)
1. I love to joke around! (I always worry that it comes across sarcastic in my posts but truly it's not)
2. Very, very opinonated (I think that's how you spell it lol) and feel like I'm going to bust if I can't share my thoughts whether good or bad!
3. This one should have been up at the top...I am a born again Christian that is by nooo wayy perfect and I have to ask forgiveness ALOT!
4. I love my family (that was a no brainer lol)
5. I have chron's disease (I think I've shared that before but can't remember)
6.Love watching movies and have several tv shows that I won't miss!
7.Love a clean house but hate to clean it :)
8. Love to play cards with friends and I also play bunco once a month and LOVE IT!!!
9.One more that I just thought of I NEVER know how to start my blog posts so I always start out normally with Hey everyone or Hey ya'll!! corny huh?
Ok, that was 9 things about me (pretty boring person but I couldn't share the good juicy stuff it's all a big secret hahahahaha just joking)
Now to pass this on to 8 more deserving ladies:
1. Nikki - ScrappinNavyWife - I've had the pleasure of getting to know Nikki better over the last two months or so and I just love her to death! She always cracks me up and has a wonderful personality. There's so much good things I could say about Nikki it would take me all day to list them all! (I can just hear Nikki now reading this going ok...I got time LIST THEM and list them NOW hee hee) Nikki you sooo rock girl and glad we have crossed paths! Thank you!
2.Dana - Reliving Tomorrow Dana is another special lady that I had the pleasure of being on a design team with a few months ago (Deedee's Designs) and now I consider her a very close friend. I'm so glad that we have stayed in touch and have gotten to know one another better! She's a amazing lady!
3.This one is going to all my design team sisters on Lindsay's Stamp Stuff! Their links are on my sidebar along with Lindsay's so be sure to check them all out. These ladies have been a AWESOME bunch of women to design for and design with. I've been with Lindsay since close to the beginning when she started and have enjoyed ever minute of it! Thanks Lindsay for having me as long as you have, you inspire me so much and so do the rest of you! We have a yahoo group that we chat in and we all have gotten so close and share so much that we are truly family now. Love ya all!!
4. This is to another bunch of wonderful ladies on my other design teams all which are part of StampingScrapping.com. Same as above we are all family and share so much of our lives together and are always there for one another. Thank you for letting me in to your hearts and into your lives! Love you all to!! Check out their blogs they are also listed on my sidebar!
5.Emma at MyCreativeTime  I would love to give her this award she is stylish in everyway! Her work is always awesome and she is such a great inspiration to everyone me included! Thank you Emma for giving me the opportunity to be on your design team!! You always say the sweetest things and make me feel special! I know she does this with everyone and I think that's why she is sooo loved!
6.This one is to all my new MyCreativeTime design team sisters!! Links are also on my sidebar! Thank you for all the sweet comments you leave and I look so forward to getting to know each and every one of you more! Your work is awesome and I'm glad to be on this team with ya!
7. Karen at Karen's Fun Blog - Thank you Karen for always leaving me the sweetest comments and always stopping by for a visit! Your work is amazing and I don't get a chance to tell you often enough!!
8. Ok last but certainly not least! This is for all my followers!! Old and new!! Thank you for hanging in with me this long and I feed off of you!! You are what keeps me motivated and makes me want to push myself to do the best I can do. Thank you for taking the take out of your busy schedules to stop by and leave me the most sweetest comments! I've cherished each and every one of them! So be sure to grab this and place this on your blog you deserve it! HUGE HUGS!!
Ok, that wraps this up! The funny part is I list on the 9 things about me about loving to joke around and what do I do??? Get all mushie on you hee hee


Karen's Fun Blog said...

Aww, thanks Leanne....you are so sweet!! : )

Karen's Fun Blog said...

Well, I have tried everything to get the award onto my blog, but I keep getting server rejects this. Thank you so much tho for thinking of me, I really appreciate it!! : )

CanadianScraps43 said...

Leanne I have been so blessed and honoured to have a friendship with you. Your funny comments and your way cool accent just makes me feel so excited to even talk with you. Your work is amazing and I am inspired everytime I see it. Sorry for checking in late, but there have been some things happen here on the funny farm. Lol. Love ya.

Margie said...

Thank you for the award, Leanne!

Crafting Katie said...

Thanks for the award, Leanne! You're so sweet!

Karin said...

Thanks Leanne, and I loved reading about you :) :) :)

JustYolie said...

Congrats on your award.

Lindsay Weirich said...

thanks for the blog awards sista!

My Quilling Nest said...

Thanks so much Leanne. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Very sweet of you :)


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