Jan 18, 2010

A Friend Award!!

My dear sweet friend Sandy blessed me with this award today! I can't even begin to tell you how special Sandy is to me! She's my prayer warrior, my shoulder to lean on and a huge supporter plus so much much more! Be sure to check out her blog and if you can get to know this remarkable woman she will always lift your spirits!  The rules to this award are to list 10 things that knock your socks off!
1. My heavenly father.
2. My husband and son
3. My mother, father, brother and sister-n-law
4. My wonderful friends local and online
5. Scrapbooking and making cards
6. I love to play cards and I love my bunco groups!!
7.Shopping (love to look at anything pertaining to scrapbooking)
8. Getting to go on road trips
9.Love getting to eat out on the weekends!
10. Being able to snuggle with hubby on couch while watching t.v.
Now I'm to pass this award on to three friends (which will be hard to pick just 3)
1.Lindsay - No one knows how much I rely on her and I'm always asking her a thousand questions! She is also a very talented lady be sure to check out her blog!! Thank you Lindsay for EVERYTHING!!
2. Bridget - I've really gotten to know Bridget and her family thru project 365 and she has always been a big supporter (thank you so much!)
3Mindy - I've been on several DT's with Mindy and she is always so friendly and always eager to help when you need it. Thank you Mindy for all that you do!
Wow, I could go on and on with names! Thanks to everyone that takes the time to stop in and leave comments and also the ones when I go MIA care enough to check on me! Love ya all!!


~BridgetL~ said...

Thanks Leanne. I will get to this this weekend. I've loved getting to know you too.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Leanne, how sweet you are.. I am sitting here in Starbucks using their internet, my friend doesn't have internet. I am so excited about going to CHA this weekend.. it rained so hard coming down here. hugs

Lindsay Weirich said...

Oh Tank you Leanne, you are so sweet! Those cupcakes look good too!


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