Apr 7, 2009

Another inchie!!

This is still for the same swap I'm in but we had to do two different sets of 30. I'm now thru with my inchie swap and wished I had more to make!! I've had a few comments on what to do with them and I'm stumped with that one to! I was going to ask around and see what other people are doing with theirs! I'm sure theres a purpose for them somewhere just don't know yet where that somewhere is!! I really appreciate all the sweet comments I've been receiving lately! You truly don't know how excited I get when I get new comments (just ask my DH he would tell you that I go nuts because I make him come look all the time lol) Again thank you and hope that you will continue to visit my blog! There's just no telling what may show up next!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

So adorable Leanne, how did you make it???

Enfys said...

This is gorgeous Leanne. You know, I think this would make a fabulous card topper just by itself, on the middle of a plain white card. It would look like one of those expensive arty card you can get at gift shops. Try it, I bet it looks fab.

Leanne said...

Thanks Enfy! I hadn't even thought of that! I will give it a try!


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