Feb 9, 2009

Yipee!!! I'm so excited!! Cathy at Koala-T Kreations (thank you!!) awarded me my very first blog award!! I just feel so honored and shocked at the same time! But thank you again Cathy for honoring me!! Be sure to check out her blog it's awesome!!
I'm not sure how to add links that you can actually just click and go so I guess you will have to copy and paste but first here's Kathys blog: http://koalatkreations.blogspot.com/

Then here is the seven I choose to award:
Cheryll at http://www.makingandkeepingmemories.blogspot.com/
Ruth at http://ruelysicreativecards.blogspot.com/
Amy at http://scrappingmommy.blogspot.com/
Annette at http://nettiepsworld.blogspot.com/
Mandy at http://stamping4u.blogspot.com/
Lynn at http://beautifuldelightsblog.blogspot.com/
Jenny at http://jenny-outofmymind.blogspot.com/


The Memory Keeper said...

Thank you Leanne! Now I'm gonna have to do some blog hoppin'!

Amy said...

Thanks for the blog award Leanne!! I will try to get it posted sometime this week and pass it on.

Annette said...

Thanks Leanne for the award! I am flattered that you picked me. I was looking around your blog- you have some great stuff!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much!!!! I am sorry that it took me so long to collect this! We had a death in the family. I wanted you to know that I am honored! Your blog is amazing!!!! Thanks again!

Lynn said...

Forgive me for taking so long to get over here and say, "THANK YOU!" It's always so wonderful to receive awards! As soon as I have the chance to update my blog, I will post the award! Thanks, Leanne! Hugs, Lynn


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